sábado, 4 de octubre de 2014


The idea of my classes is learn playing the music that you like. For my singing lessons I use mostly the Rabine Method (functional voice training) wich I combine with some easy Yoga exercises that help gettin in touch with your body and handling your breathing, and also tuning exercises whenever it´s needed. Of course I will also teach you how to deal effectively with the mic. For guitar lessons as well as singing lessons the idea of my classes is to learn with the music that you like. From the issues and themes you are choosing and others which I may suggest (according to what I see that you can be interest in and be usefull to you) I teach everything you want to learn; from the most basic chords to solos, composition, reading and writing music, notions of harmony, musical analysis, audioperception, etc... Also I teach music production. Classes are orientated according to the level, the style of music, and things that everyone needs. There are, for example, guitar or students that elected devote classes to singing or music production as Add-ons are things that I also manage although to a basic level. Check my productions, listen to my vocals and guitars at http://joax.bandcamp.com/album/no-paren-de-flashear http://youtu.be/9-ftLhXQf54 Let there be music

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