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Learn playing the music that you like!

I have developed an own method after years of experience in teaching music, which allows my students to learn in a much more fun and relaxed way. One of the main ideas behind this method is that you will learn from day one using pieces of music that you picked and we will do exercises based upon them. 

From the themes and contents that you are choosing and others which I may suggest (according to what I see that you can be interest in and be useful to you) I can teach you everything you want to learn.

- Chords, scales, guitar solos, improvisation
- Ear training
- Technic and posture improvement 
- Reading
- How to play faster
- Playing without looking at the guitar
- Singing and playing at the same time

I give personalized coaching for everyone focusing on the special things they need and want to improve.

As a plus, whenever needed, I also give singing and music production lessons. This last thing will teach you how to record and mix your own songs with the computer. 

You can therefore combine contents. There are guitar students that opted to dedicate classes to singing or music production as Add-ons and the other ways around.

The language of the lessons can be English or Spanish.

Check my productions, listen to my vocals and guitars at the following links:

Let there be music!

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